hey there friend!

I'm Sharon

& I welcome you to my little spot

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This is the place where I share about my passion ~ reminding you to take

"thyme for YOU"

to breathe, dream, and excel at living your life healthier, happier and more naturally.

Your Wellness Starts with You!

You're Just One Step Away
a Different Life

Did you know that the choices you make each day
affect your health
and the health of your loved ones?
if you are curious about...
what those choices are and how you can make better ones
you're in the right place!

Thyme for You exists to help you 
do life better,
be healthier,
feel happier,
and live more abundantly!


the cool stuff...
Let me help you jump off that roller coaster and enjoy more balance in your life!
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I love helping people who are in the "Over 50 & Fabulous"
season of life!
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You are the gatekeeper of your home
and you home may be making you SICK!
Wellness starts with YOU!
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