Healthy Kids + Oils!

5 days of information to help you feel confident using natural remedies!

Did you know?

The sources of the common “fears” about using oils with kids come from case and chemical studies done by the fragrance industry?

Trust me, I get it!

  • You want to offer your babes as many safe solutions as you can.

  • Remedies that are from nature, like essential oils, sound like they would support common seasonal and school issues, but you also heard certain oils shouldn’t be used on kids.

  • It’s all very intimidating, especially if you are a new mama!

  • You may not know where to start, but this is where I come in! I’m giving you the sources of the common “fears” about using oils with kids along with the tools to use oils in 3 different safe and effective ways so that you can make a choice based on facts and have healthier options as you navigate the school year.

There’s nothing I love more than shedding some light on the truth so that mamas truly get the information they need to make empowering, and not fearful, decisions!

Let me show you how to use oils on your babes with confidence and ease!

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