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A Little About Me 
Hi, I'm Sharon and I'm so happy you dropped by! 

Are you stuck in the revolving door of life? Are you like a hamster on a wheel that just keeps going faster and faster? Is your soul simply tired from endless inputs, constant demands and so little time for YOU?
That’s how Thyme for You came to be. After leaving a hectic, stressful career, I discovered I didn't know how to sit still and simply savor the quiet moments of life. I was so used to overbooking my time --- I was addicted to busyness!
Life changed for me when I discovered the healing power of human touch and some ancient wisdom about natural wellness. The stillness I found felt so good that I wanted to know more so I studied reflexology, healing touch, raindrop technique and more. I learned about essential oils and saw first-hand their amazing ability to balance things and make life better. I became certified to teach and, as the various pieces came together, I came to understand how we are intended to live. 
Are you ready to enJOY life? Feel better, look better, BE better? Fulfill your purpose, be of greater service to others, accomplish great things? 
Knowledge is power and I’d love to share this knowledge with you!

Live a Life You Love

Finding Balance

Aging Gracefully

Staying Well Naturally

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