3 Ways Life Gets Better Over 50

For many of us, something magical happens as we approach age 50. There is an invisible “veil of limitations” that falls away and we realize we are just beginning to truly live life. Society often views those approaching 50 as “over the hill” or “past prime.” That’s simply not true and science is proving it. Here are just 3 reasons (there are MORE!) why life keeps getting better after 50.
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We are happier

.....than ever before 
Surveys conducted by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago show that older people tend to be happier even when that happiness is not something they experienced during their earlier years. Happiness is a choice and we seem to choose happiness more often than younger people. Even as friends and loved ones pass away, we are able to put life events into better perspective which reduces stress and increases happiness.

we are wiser

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking we get forgetful and senile, yet recent studies show that when our emotions and motivation remain strong, decision-making actually improves with age. That improvement affects everything from the choice of friends to financial decisions. This wisdom comes from an understanding of what is really important and a higher appreciation for who we truly are. We no longer need to please others, climb a social ladder or “keep up with the Joneses” so we’re free to make wiser choices that make life better.

we make a difference

Freed from the trappings of youth, we can learn new skills, pursue new adventures, follow our passions, volunteer our time, and just “be there” for others when needed. This newfound freedom coupled with creativity allows us to make the world a better place and it fulfills us in surprising ways.

Mindset matters so let's CELEBRATE who we are and show the world our greatness!

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