What's Your Word for 2023?
Later this week, we'll ring in a new year that marks a fresh beginning with endless possibilities. 

Are you inclined to make New Year’s resolutions and create specific goals for the coming year?  Or will you slip into 2023 without much thought to how involved you will be in setting your course for the next 365 days?
This week is the perfect time for reflection and introspection. What went well and what needed more attention in 2022? What lessons learned will you build upon to make 2023 better? What will you do differently? Where will you focus? 
Choosing a specific word for 2023 can give you clarity and purpose. It can serve as a beacon for what you intend to accomplish or who you choose to become.

It can motivate you to keep moving forward and remind you of where you intend to be at the end of the year. When days get messy or you get tired, your word for the year can help get you back on track.

A powerful yet true life lesson is that you always move toward our most dominant thought. For example, if your dominant thought is, “I always have bad luck,” you tend to see only things that happen that are “bad” and miss the “good” that’s happening all around you. 
Thoughts have frequency much like electromagnetic waves that create sounds. Those sounds can be disturbing or comforting; they can create serenity or cacophony.  Similarly, the frequency of your thoughts influences everything about you including your overall well being. You’ve heard the saying, “your vibe attracts your tribe” and it’s so very true! If you want to attract vibrant, upbeat people, you need to ensure your thoughts are vibrant and upbeat.
Thoughts of joy, gratitude, and love have a higher frequency than thoughts of misery, ungratefulness, and hatred. You’d be right in thinking this is positive vs negative thinking! Wouldn’t you agree that the world has enough negativity? Wouldn’t you rather be part of the “positivity pool” of people who radiate and attract the energy of joyfulness, gratitude, and love? 

You can do that by starting with a word that will serve as a beacon throughout the coming year. What will your word be?


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