Maybe It's Not Genetic????

Seventeen years ago, during one of my “sneezing fits,” somebody handed me a little bottle and said, “Just sniff this and then put a drop under your nose.”


Little did I know how much that o.n.e. sniff would impact my entire life!


I stopped sneezing! My head cleared and when I walked outside, I smelled fresh dirt for the first time in a long time!


I was gifted that little bottle, so I went home and started searching the internet to find out what it was. I ordered another one and that started my quest to understand what, how, when, and why it worked so well.


I’ve learned so much over the years! I thought I was “born allergic” yet I soon learned that I was causing so much of my sneezing fits with the decisions I was making.


You see, I WAS “born allergic” but not in the way I once believed. My body – like your body – was created in the image of God and I truly doubt He sneezes all day long like I once did! I learned that those sneezing fits were my body’s way of getting my attention because I was surrounding it with fake fragrances and other products (many that I trusted because of their ads and labeling) that contained ingredients that were NOT supporting a healthy lifestyle


I learned that even when labels say, “all natural,” “non-toxic,” “eco-friendly,” “organic,” etc., they still may contain ingredients that make me sneeze.


So, am I telling you that one drop from that little bottle stopped all that sneezing forever? NO! That would be dishonest because I still sneeze when I’m around things that are unhealthy for my body. Rather than view those sneezes as a genetic flaw, I appreciate them as my personal alert system to protect me from things that are unhealthy.


What that one drop did was open my eyes and consequently my world to taking more responsibility for what I allow on, into, and around my body. Knowledge is power and I’d love to share some of this knowledge with you. 

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